The Perfect Sound System

Sansui’s versatile WaveBlast 2 is the perfect multimedia system. This party speaker ensures one crazy party under a single roof by booming loud and thumping its powerful bass. Also, it offers breathtaking acoustics of a concert band and multi-faceted media support. There’s nothing quite like this twin tower speaker.

Twin Tower System

The sleek and beautiful twin-tower columns give an amazing concert-like experience under a single roof.

Wider-audible 3-Way Sound Speaker

WaveBlast 2 produces sound over a wider range of audible region, thanks to its craftily engineered 203mm subwoofer,102mm mid speaker and 51mm tweeters.

Full Remote Control

For versatility and convenience, you can fully use Sansui’s WaveBlast 2 with remote control.

Plug & Play in USB/SD

Sansui’s WaveBlast 2 speaker allows seamless access for instant playback via USB or SD Card.

Echo and MIC Sensitivity Control

Tweak your MIC’s sensitivity and Echo according to your preference.

Additional Wireless MIC

Sing along, have a karaoke, control the crowd, be the DJ…anything is possible with Sansui’s party speaker, integrated with dual MIC ports.

BT & FM Radio

Enjoy seamless and wireless Bluetooth connection, with the ability to tune in to the FM Radio channels.